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We are Information Technology Specialist company. Our main focus is working with companies that are developing application which needs to integrate with MYKAD or any hardware interface. We specialize in quickly and professionally getting your application integrated. From Hospital and Clinic Systems, Time Attendance, Visitor Management, Loyalty Card, Driving School, Seminar and Graduation Systems and most popular Hotel Systems. We can take your software to success!

For marketing companies or end user, please get our ready to use application

  • MYKADCapture for basic MYKAD info
  • mySTAFF for Biometrics verification
  • mySolatime for Masjid Info Center

Use MYKAD reader when hiring

PETALING JAYA: With two armed robberies by security guards in the space of a week, crime awareness group Malaysians Against Rape, Assault and Snatch (MARAH) is urging security companies to fully utilise MYKAD readers to weed out fake ID holders.

It is alarming to hear that fake MyKads can be easily bought for as low as RM 200. This begs the question of whether firearm permits can be obtained using fake MYKAD, said MARAH founder Dave Avran.

Guard fake MYKAD raises questions

I REFER to the report MYKAD cannot be cloned, says NRD (The Star, Oct 30). The NRD director-general Datuk Jariah Mohd Said remarks that the MYKAD is a document of high quality which cannot be cloned and can only be tampered with by changing the photograph and details on the surface of the original card, while the information and security features are embedded in the card or chip.

Payment Info

Bank name: MAYBANK
Account type: ICA SME FIRST
Account number: 562807545516
Account name: JPRO SOLUTIONS
QRPAY: QR62807


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MYKID SDK is for SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS only! It's a standard windows DLL with API calls. For example Function getIDNum(), getKPTName(), getGMPCName() and getBirthDate(). MYKID do not have photo.

Simple and easy to use. Suitable for DESKTOP and WEB APPLICATION. Programming language VB6, .NET, Delphi, Foxpro, PHP, ASP, ASPX, etc.. If you already have PC/SC Smart Card reader, get our MYKID SDK and ready to test it.

If you have problem from your previous vendor due to Windows Upgrade, do contact us. We are developers and we keep our SDK up to date. You may use your existing PC/SC Smart Card reader. No worry, we could test your reader compatibility.

Check out our sample web page on the Sample Application menu. View source for detail JavaScript.


Call this to START your MYKID Reading
Function BeginJPN(ByVal Readername As String) As String
'--API available
Function getIDNum() As String
Function getBirthCertNo() As String
Function getKPTName() As String
Function getGMPCName() As String
Function getReligion() As String
Function getGender() As String
Function getCitizenship() As String
Function getAddress1() As String
Function getAddress2() As String
Function getAddress3() As String
Function getPostcode() As String
Function getCity() As String
Function getState() As String
Function getBirthPlace() As String
Function getBirthDate() As String
'--father info
Function getFatherIDNum() As String
Function getFatherName() As String
Function getFatherRace() As String
Function getFatherReligion() As String
Function getFatherCitizenship() As String
'--mother info
Function getMotherIDNum() As String
Function getMotherName() As String
Function getMotherRace() As String
Function getMotherReligion() As String
Function getMotherCitizenship() As String
Function getRegistrationKey() As String
Call this to END your MYKID Reading
Function EndJPN() As String

*Microsoft Internet Explorer only!

HTML Sample Code. JavaScript call

Create INPUT box and BUTTON on your page FORM. Set onclick="comEventOccured(myform)". Sample below.

function comEventOccured(myform) {
try {
var oMYKID = new ActiveXObject("mykidproweb.mykidproweb.jpn");
var strRet = oMYKID.BeginJPN("Feitian SCR301 0");
if (strRet == "0") {
document.forms[0].TxtIDNum.value = oMYKID.getIDNum();
document.forms[0].TxtBirthCertNo.value = oMYKID.getBirthCertNo();
document.forms[0].TxtKPTName.value = oMYKID.getKPTName();
document.forms[0].TxtGMPCName.value = oMYKID.getGMPCName();
document.forms[0].TxtReligion.value = oMYKID.getReligion();
document.forms[0].TxtGender.value = oMYKID.getGender();
document.forms[0].TxtCitizenship.value = oMYKID.getCitizenship();
document.forms[0].TxtAddress1.value = oMYKID.getAddress1();
document.forms[0].TxtAddress2.value = oMYKID.getAddress2();
document.forms[0].TxtAddress3.value = oMYKID.getAddress3();
document.forms[0].TxtPostcode.value = oMYKID.getPostcode();
document.forms[0].TxtCity.value = oMYKID.getCity();
document.forms[0].TxtState.value = oMYKID.getState();
document.forms[0].TxtBirthPlace.value = oMYKID.getBirthPlace();
document.forms[0].TxtBirthDate.value = oMYKID.getBirthDate();
else {
alert("mykadproweb message: " + strRet);
} catch (e) {
alert("mykadpro: You dont have MYKID SDK or Feitian SCR301 0 reader. " + e.message);

Sample Source Code VB.NET

'--must start with BeginJPN
'each pc need license key. call getRegistrationKey and login online to generate licensekey
strRet = oMYKID.BeginJPN(txtReadername.Text, txtLicensekey.Text)
If strRet <> "0" Then
Exit Sub
End If
lstResult.Items.Add("getRegistrationKey:" & oMYKID.getRegistrationKey())
lstResult.Items.Add("Timing Start:" & Now.ToLongTimeString)
Dim strIDNum As String = oMYKID.getIDNum
lstResult.Items.Add("getIDNum:" & strIDNum)
lstResult.Items.Add("getKPTName:" & oMYKID.getKPTName)
lstResult.Items.Add("getGMPCName:" & oMYKID.getGMPCName)
lstResult.Items.Add("getOldIDNum:" & oMYKID.getOldIDNum)
lstResult.Items.Add("getRace:" & oMYKID.getRace)
lstResult.Items.Add("getReligion:" & oMYKID.getReligion)
'--MYKID did not have photo
lstResult.Items.Add("Timing End:" & Now.ToLongTimeString)
'--must end with EndJPN
strRet = oMYKID.EndJPN()

Sample Source Code FOXPRO

1. Install the driver and sdk as usual.
2. Run foxpro and click 'Object Browser'.
Then select the TLB file, NOT DLL file!
3. Visual Foxpro source code
------------- start ---------------
LOCAL cReturn, cReader_Name, cLicenseKey, oObject
cLicenseKey = "your license key"
cReader_Name = "FT SCR2000 0"
cReturn = oObject.BeginJPN(cReader_Name,cLicenseKey)
IF cReturn=="0" && if success
WAIT WINDOW oObject.getIDNum()
WAIT WINDOW oObject.getOldIDNum()
WAIT WINDOW oObject.getKPTName()
WAIT WINDOW oObject.getGMPCName()
WAIT WINDOW oObject.getAddress()
WAIT WINDOW oObject.getCardVer()
------------- end ---------------


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